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International Exchange- Building trades



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International Exchange- Building trades

A franciaországi Building Trade School of Somme egyik tanárától érkezett megkeresést, miszerint az ERASMUS+ csereprogram keretében 6 tetőfedő diákjuk számára keresnek két hetes gyakorlati helyet 2018. szeptemberében Magyarországon:


My name is Ekaterina Yaneva and I am a teacher in The Building Trade School of Somme  (BTP CFA Somme) in Amiens, France http://www.btpcfa-somme.fr/.

I deal with some of the international students exchange programs in our establishment, more particularly with the ERASMUS + exchange program.

For the next academic year, we would like to send 6 of our apprentices in Budapest. The apprentices are specialized in Roofing. They have to spend two weeks as an unpaid trainees in Budapest at the end of September, 2018.

After more than three months of searching I still don't have any positive answer from a Hungarian building company or firm. I contacted The French Institut in Budapest, The Hungarian Ambassy in Paris, CCI France-Hongrie (Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Mr Arnaud Zerkovitz- the director of Busienss France in Hungary. Mr Zerkovitz gave me your e-mail address.

I am writing to you to request your assistance in the search of employers that would accept to take our apprentices as trainees.  

Sending apprentices in Budapest is very important to us. The goal of this exchange is not only  to allow to future trade workers to observe their colleagues work and to perform an intercultural and professional exchange,

but to give them a chance to whatch The Euro Skills finals.

I really hope that you'll answer to my demande and that we could work together.

If you need more details about our school, about the Erasmus+ program in France, or if you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Ekaterina YANEVA
+33 669 057 240
BTP CFA Amiens