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Zoltán Kovács Gives Short Interview On CNN’s Business Report

October 28. 2014.

PM's Press Office

Zoltán Kovács, the Government’s international spokesperson, joined Richard Quest on CNN’s business report Quest Means Business to explain the idea behind the amendment of the telecommunications tax by shedding light on what it will really mean from the perspective of service providers and citizens. More...

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Emirates Flies To Budapest, Opens Customer Centre In City

October 28. 2014.


Dubai-based Emirates has launched a daily non-stop service to Budapest, marking its first entry into Hungary. The airline’s daily flight to Budapest is operated with a wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft in a two-class configuration. The Customer Contact Centre will support 300 jobs in Budapest, says Dubai's airline. More...

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Hungary Tightens Grip On Banks, Raises Bill For Loan Refund Costs

September 12. 2014.

Reuters - By Krisztina Than and Gergely Szakacs

Hungary tightened the screw on banks on Friday by imposing a ban on interest rate and fee hikes just as they must find more than 3 billion euros ($4 billion) in refunds on loans granted over the past decade.

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Emirates To Launch Daily Flights To Hungary

July 14. 2014.

Trade Arabia

Dubai-based Emirates airline is set to commence services to Hungary from October 27 with a daily flight to the capital Budapest. The airline will offer 278 seats per day on the Dubai-Budapest route, operating a wide-body A330-200 aircraft in a two-class configuration, said a statement. More...

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Bloomberg View: In Defense of Hungary's Internet Tax

October 28. 2014.

Bloomberg View / By

Vigorous protests in Hungary against the government's attempt to tax Internet usage seem to support the idea, popular among U.S. legislators, that the Internet is a sacred cow and should be exempt from taxation. In reality, the protests have more to do with Hungarians' fatigue with Prime Minister Viktor Orban's unorthodox approach to taxation. Taxing information consumption is not such a crazy idea. More...

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Coming Soon: 3rd European Parliament of Enterprises

September 16. 2014.

Exactly one month from today, about 1000 business representatives from 45 European countries, including 21 from Hungary, will gather in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels for the third edition of the European Parliament of Enterprises (EPE).  The European Parliament of Enterprises is the largest event at EU level that gives the floor directly to entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide politicians with bottom-up feedback on EU policies. For more, click on the title.

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EU Funds To Help Hungary Maintain Balance, Reduce Debt Faster - Orbán

September 11. 2014.


Without European Union funding to be provided in the 2014-2020 programming period, Hungarian economy would be out of balance, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday. At the official signing ceremony of the Partnership Agreement between the European Commission and Hungary the PM noted that if the country uses well the EUR 25.4 bn EU funding to be received by 2020 (EUR 34.5 bn including Hungary’s own contribution), Hungary could become a developed country and thus "it will be able to repay its debts faster than it did over the past seven years." More...

Source: Magyar Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara